2024 9th International Symposium on Energy Science and Chemical Engineering (ISESCE 2024)
Call For Papers


Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:


1. Photocatalysis and Photovoltaic Conversion Technology

2. Solar Photovoltaic Technology

3. Photovoltaic Energy Storage and Hydrogen Storage Technology

4. Optical Sensing and Control Technology

5. Photovoltaic Devices and Optical Materials

6. Photocatalytic Water Decomposition and Artificial Photosynthesis

7. Photothermal Conversion Technology

8. Photovoltaic Chemical Battery and Blue Light Technology

9. Fiber Optic Sensing Technology and Optical Communication

10. Electrochemical Measurement Technology and Instrumentation

11. Modeling and Simulation of Electrochemical Systems

(II)Energy Science and Engineering

12. Development and Utilization of Renewable Energy

13. Development and Utilization of Chemical Energy 

14. Energy Materials

15. Energy Storage Technology 

16. Energy Saving Technology

17. Energy Chemical Engineering

18. Energy and Environment Engineering

19. Energy Equipment 

20. Energy Security and Clean Use

(III)Chemical Engineering and Technology

21. Study on Catalyst and Catalytic reaction

22. New Energy Development and Energy Chemical Engineering

23. Clean Production and Green Chemical Technology

24. Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, Chemical Process Intensification

25.  Biological Chemical and Technology

26. Electrochemical Engineering

27. Waste Disposal and Environmental Chemicals

28. Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics

(Ⅳ) Advances in Chemistry Research

29. Supramolecular Chemistry and Crystal Engineering

30. Polymer Chemistry

31. physical Chemistry of Solid Surface and Catalysis

32. Electrochemistry

33. Inorganic and Nanometer Materials

34. Chiral Catalysis and Organic Synthesis

35. Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry